Are You Struggling  With...




Poor Sleep

Food Sensitivities & Allergies

Chronic Anxiety

Stealth Infections

Gut problems

Chronic Yeast or Bladder Infections


Chronic Yeast or Bladder Infections

Brain Fog

Chronic Yeast or Bladder Infections

Sore Muscles and Joints

Chronic Yeast or Bladder Infections

Skin Issues

Autoimmune Conditions

Autoimmune Conditions


Coeliac Disease

Food Sensitivities & Allergies

Rheumatoid Arthritis

Stealth Infections


Chronic Yeast or Bladder Infections


Chronic Yeast or Bladder Infections


Chronic Yeast or Bladder Infections


Chronic Yeast or Bladder Infections


Chronic Health Conditions

Hormonal Imbalances


Adrenal/Thyroid Issues


Mood Swings


Low Energy, Fatigue

High Cholesterol

Insulin Resistance

High Blood Pressure

Insulin Resistance


Insulin Resistance


Why Trust Me To Help You?

I am a registered nutritional therapist with a specific focus on autoimmune disorders, low mood and chronic fatigue. After obtaining my PhD in Biochemistry from the department of medicine at the University of Edinburgh, and following my own health challenges which included autoimmunity and chronic fatigue, I became passionate about using natural medicine to help others like myself to improve their health and vitality.

Since then, I’ve completed advanced training and accreditation from many of the leaders in the field, including the Centre for Nutrition Education and Lifestyle Management, The Kharrazian Institute and the world-renowned Institute for Functional Medicine.

In addition, I am also a certified neuro linguistic programming (or NLP) coach and Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) practitioner – which has allowed me to help my clients address not only the physical…… but also the important subconscious root causes of their debilitating illness, so they can finally start to heal and regain their energy & vitality.

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My Clients Typically Report...

Improved Energy

Reduced Pain

Fewer Flare-ups

A Holistic Approach

We look at the whole person and focus on identifying and addressing the root causes and drivers of chronic illness so you can be free from symptoms like fatigue and pain.

Feel More Like Yourself Again

Within a short time find out how lifestyle changes, diet, sleep and other daily activities impact pain levels and your immune function. You'll lean how habit changes can have a big impact.

Experience True Healing

Often areas of health that impact autoimmunity are missed, like emotional balance how to manage stress. Balancing emotional health is key as it boosts immune function, sleep & overall wellness.

We Believe That...

We believe that every woman with an autoimmune disease deserves a personalised approach to managing her condition. We understand that every person is unique and that a one-size-fits-all approach doesn't work.

We believe in the power of a natural and integrated approach to managing autoimmune disease. We believe that by combining different natural therapies, such as diet, supplements, and lifestyle changes, we can help our clients achieve optimal health.

We believe in empowering our clients to take control of their health. We understand that autoimmune disease can be overwhelming and we want to provide our clients with the tools and support they need to improve their quality of life.

We believe in the importance of addressing the root causes of autoimmune disease. We understand that autoimmune disease is not just a physical condition but also an emotional and mental one. We believe in addressing the holistic well-being of our clients.

We believe in the importance of educating our clients about their conditions. We understand that knowledge is power, and by educating our clients about autoimmune diseases, we empower them to make informed decisions about their health.

You deserve to lead life to the fullest, unencumbered by debilitating symptoms, keeping the use of powerful medications to a minimum.

MEET Dr. Jane Barnes, PhD

Simple Steps To Taking Back Control Of Your Health

I am here to help you reclaim your energy by giving your body better nutrition and more support. So if you're ready to boost your energy, focus and gut health naturally... and finally break free from flare-ups that hold you back from enjoying your life.

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How to support fewer flare-ups, increase energy & vitality... Naturally

Jane Barnes, PhD

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Why Optimised Natural Health?

“Why am I still sick?” We hear this time and time again from new clients who have seen many providers and even specialists before. We know it’s been frustrating – but the good news that you're finally in the right place!

Unlike many health providers, we take a holistic approach incorporating functional medicine, advanced lab testing paired with up-to-date nutritional science so we can identify exactly what’s out of balance and then help your body return to balance, naturally.

Learn More About Our Approach

Our Approach

Our functional medicine approach is unique because we address both current + longterm health issues in our comprehensive programs. Our goal is to restore your body’s innate healing potential by removing triggering conditions & events, supporting detox and cellular rebuilding.

After our in-depth intake, exploring both past and present symptoms and reviewing lab tests, we’ll craft a personalised treatment protocol for your specific needs so you can finally leave your chronic dis-ease behind.

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Root Cause Of Your Illness

At Optimised Natural Health, we focus on getting to the root causes of your chronic wellness issues – examining the key imbalances that are responsible for virtually all symptoms you’re experiencing right now... instead of just focusing on masking symptoms with expensive prescription meds.

We focus on the “up-stream” triggers of chronic illnesses – including toxicity in your home or work-place, potential food intolerances and allergies, gut & hormonal imbalances, as well as mindset issues that all determine how healthy you are.

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Why We're Different

Functional Medicine is the “medicine of the future” because it focuses on restoring your body’s innate healing potential, and not just treating symptoms. It uses a combination of science-driven testing with holistic health practices, to treat the whole person and not just parts of your body.

Since each person is biologically unique, a “one size fits all” approach never works. That’s why when you have a precise understanding of what triggered the symptoms, you can craft a precise treatment plan without relying on guesswork!

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In Our Clients' Own Words

  • “Jane has not only improved my health dramatically by her care and treatment, but has carefully and sensitively cared for me holistically, in body and mind. After careful analysis, she has approached each issue with a solution based on a huge amount of scientific knowledge and research. Her charming can-do attitude has encouraged me to feel that no problem is unfixable and clear step by step support has enabled me to move forward towards optimal health. I would have no hesitation in recommending her wholeheartedly to anyone looking to improve their health through nutrition and other natural methods.”

    Mrs F.C,
    London, UK
  • “Amazingly, everything seemed to finally come together over the last year and my skin has been totally clear (with a few small flare ups infrequently) and glowing which is just amazing and I still can't quite believe it.”

    Miss M.G,
    Wiltshire, UK

  • “My chronic disabling migraines - which I have suffered from for years and used to badly affect me for several days every week - have almost disappeared. I feel like Jane has given me my life back.”

    Miss L.P,
    Wiltshire, UK

Take The First Step Today On Your Journey Back To Health

Do you have questions about my programs and starting your path back to health? I'm happy to answer any questions you have to see whether or not Optimised Natural Health is right for you.


Areas Served

Optimised Natural Health is located in Gloucestershire and serves clients throughout the United Kingdom and Europe.
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