It is well recognised that there is a strong link between experiencing Adverse Childhood Events (ACEs) and the subsequent development of chronic diseases including autoimmune disease in adulthood.  The number of adverse childhood experiences can be quantified with a short questionnaire and is then expressed as an Adverse Childhood Experiences score.
Research shows that people with autoimmune disease and higher Adverse Childhood Experiences scores have greater self-reported impact of their disease on their mental health and daily quality of life.

Why Does It Matter?

Adverse Childhood Experiences have been recognised as a marker of chronic toxic stress during childhood that can change a person’s neurobiology, stress chemistry and immune function. This leads to excess wear and tear on the body – and is somewhat akin to the effect of revving a car engine for weeks or months on end. 

In addition, childhood is a period when our experiences shape our subconscious beliefs about the world and our place in it more than any other time in our lives. 

If, for example, as a result of our childhood experiences, we develop a subconscious belief that we are ‘not good enough’ or we are ‘going to be humiliated’, then this can put enormous extra stress into our bodies……but because we have always lived with this, we are likely to see the resulting hypervigilance as our ‘normal’.

The good news is that the changes are reversible and by working with a practitioner to gently address any negative subconscious beliefs and calm the inner world, it can make a big impact on rebalancing stress chemistry and the immune system.

What is my Adverse Childhood Experiences score?

The Adverse Childhood Experiences score is derived from 10 categories with questions designed to reveal exposure to physical, emotional and sexual abuse or neglect as well as negative experiences such as bereavement, parental separation/divorce/mental health problems or substance misuse. Scores range from zero to ten, with increasing scores being linked to increasing health risks.

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