While it is easy to dismiss gluten allergies as a new-age fad, there is actually significant science behind it that demonstrates the serious implications of gluten consumption on one’s health.

Sadly, conventional testing for gluten sensitivity only tests for one of the many proteins found in gluten, so if you suspect you may be gluten sensitive or intolerant, get the more complete testing from a gluten certified practitioner.

Gluten sensitivity can manifest with a wide, seemingly unrelated list of symptoms that are typically attributed to "stress" or "normal signs of aging" by conventionally-trained doctors.

While gluten issues frequently manifest in the GI tract, it’s important to note the commonly overlooked neurological effects of gluten such as anxiety, depression, insomnia, and brain fog along with muscle or joint pain which is the hallmark of massive inflammation.

So What Is Gluten?

Gluten is a protein molecule that can be found in most oats, wheat, barley, rye, and grains. Most bread you come across will likely contain gluten. Consequently, most nuts, seeds, meats, eggs, dairy, fruit, and vegetables are gluten-free.

To be classified as “gluten-free,” a food must contain less than 30 parts per million of gluten. However, those who suffer from a strong allergy or Coeliac disease have been known to develop reactions caused by foods with gluten levels as low as 3 parts per million.

More than 18 million Americans are currently suffering from some form of gluten sensitivity – and such a sensitivity can lead to conditions as minor as a rash to as serious as a seizure.

In other words, those with a gluten sensitivity cannot rely on food packages’ labels alone. To make matters worse, most traditional clinicians don't take gluten sensitivity seriously and see it as a simple food allergy that has been hyped and not worth testing for.

Gluten Sensitivity

Our team at Optimised Natural Health approaches gluten sensitivity in a unique manner that differentiates us from most conventional practices.

While there are special blood tests that go further than the standard tests (analyzing a larger number of gluten peptides), our approach oftentimes involves an elimination diet supported by targeted supplementation first.

We also offer more advanced gut testing to see if gluten may be a more serious issue for you and if there are other foods triggering your immune system.

We help you to steer clear of a gluten-free "junk food" diet that can cause weight gain and inflammation – plus, we also help you to navigate a gluten-free lifestyle, when necessary, that will nourish your body and rebuild proper gut function. 

Whether your digestive or neurological symptoms are caused by gluten, be sure to schedule a free discovery consult to explore whether partnering with our team at Optimised Natural Health is the right step!

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